No More Cardiac Arrhythmia!!!

Posted: August 20, 2013
By: Dr Dean Sottile

About a year ago I was told that I had developed a Cardiac Arrhythmia, my heart would occasionally beat irregularly.

 I became more conscious about how my body was performing on daily basis. Being a Medical Doctor, I knew that if I were to go to my Cardiologist he would immediately put me on some type of medication and was probably going to suggest something invasive and quite possibly dangerous. I decided to monitor it myself.

I have been a Chiropractic Patient for several years. This last year, I began to Get Checked for Subluxations and Adjusted Regularly, instead of Sporadically. I realized that I was being more consistent with my Adjustments, I was feeling much better.  Something else happened that was amazing, My Heart Arrhythmia was completely and totally gone. I was no longer feeling them when I took my pulse!!! I thought that was amazing!!! I never had to go on medication, all I had to do was become more consistent with my Chiropractic Adjustments and my Cardiac Arrhythmia was gone!!!!

 A heart arrhythmia can occur if there is a disturbance or interruption of messages and/or POWER from The Brain to The Heart. The goal of Chiropractic is to Remove Interference to the Body’s Ability to Express your Full LIFE Potential. Subluxations put Pressure on The Nerves that distribute LIFE through your body. They are, in and of themselves, detrimental to LIFE. When Subluxations are Corrected, Expect Miracles!!! We Do!!!! 

Back Pain Gone Tinnitus Gone!!!

Posted: August 20, 2013
By: Dr Dean Sottile

I feel compelled to share my story with you about the events leading up to coming to your office an what my experience has been in the 48hours since I first saw Dr. Dean.
I am 60yrs. old and have had back pain all my life, pain between my shoulder blades, around my waist, especially in my right hip, thigh, knee and sometimes down to my ankle. For the past 6yrs I have been dealing with tinnitus, triggered by loud noises. Anyone who has lived with tinnitus knows the perpetually irritating noise that becomes a way of life. I have attributed it to having scoliosis, a neck injury in High School and a car accident when in my late 20’s.  Each morning, I would have to sit for 30 min. with my knees up against my chest in order to begin moving through the rest of the day. 
I am a baby nurse and a caregiver to very active little girls. My responsibilities consist of several different activities that would bring me to a painful close at the end of the day.
My evenings would be limited to 4 to 5 hours of sleep do to the pain awaking me. My nature is very calm and sweet, in recent months I have become increasingly short –tempered and impatient. 
I saw Dr. Dean on Friday, 4/19 and he explained about the brain, the spine and nerves. Everything he shared made sense to me at this time I was awaiting the next step to my visit. Dr. Dean gave me my first Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment! When he pressed on back and adjusted me I saw stars!!  He continued to speak to me about the first Chiropractic Adjustment and how it cured deafness, I was stunned and looked at him and realized my tinnitus is gone! It has now been several hours and days and Still No TINNITUS!!! I feel invigorated, I have energy I have not had in YEARS!! I go to bed and fall asleep quickly and sleep up to 8hrs!!!Never have I slept through out the evening, the horrible pain between my Shoulder blades are Gone!!..

I am a CHIROPRACTIC CONVERT!!!!! I am telling everyone I meet about my experiences.  I am actually excited about what the future has in store for my body!  I am praising the Lord that He has allowed my path to cross with yours.  He has richly blessed you with the gift that you are using wisely.

Thank you and continued blessings!

No More Fluid In the Ears NO MORE EAR INFECTIONS!!!! Finally Relief for our 2 year old!!!

Posted: August 20, 2013
By: Dr Dean Sottile

True story about our little Jake... After having ear tube surgery in Jan 2012 at 15 months old, the following winter (2013) he continued getting back-to-back ear infections and had ear fluid in his middle ear for MONTHS on end that just wouldn't drain on it's own. My poor little guy was on antibiotics more than he wasn't. He also continued to fail hearing tests in both ears.It was so bad to the point where his ENT recommended a second ear tube surgery. Being under anesthesia twice already (at 11 mths old & 15 mths old), we were against having him put under yet AGAIN. Always being a bit skeptical of chiropractic care (sorry, Dr. Dean) from a childhood experience, we were kinda hesitant when our friends, David & Annette recommended God's Love Chiropractic but since their son had a similar situation and had a very positive experience with GLC, we figured we would take a chance and have Jake looked at. We've been regularly taking him to see Dr. Dean Sottile weekly for almost a year now and within a month or two under his care, all the ear fluid drained and his reoccurring ear infections cleared up....AND he hasn't had a single ear infection in a year! All winter without any ear infections and not a single trip to the pediatrician or ENT! That's huge for Jake! Thank you so much to Dave & Annette for recommending this awesome chiropractic care. We can't thank you guys enough!...and a big, huge THANK YOU to Dr. Dean for taking such great care of our little boy and 'turning the power on'. He's been doing wonderfully under your care and we can't thank you enough for all you do. We love you!


Posted: August 19, 2013
By: Dr Dean Sottile


Janette is a nurse, who was referred to our office by one of our wonderful Practice Members, that has received INCREDBLE results with their health through Consistent Chiropractic Care.  Janette was suffering from severe allergies and asthma since she was 16 years old. These problems caused Janette to have detrimental limitations to her daily work activities which caused her to be dependent on Advair, Ventolin, Zyrtec, and Singular to get her through the day. Janette also experienced a fall that caused an injury to her left knee, pulled  hamstring, and a ligament tear that was not healing for nearly a year. Janette could not take her daily walks due to the limitations and pain in her leg. She also was unable to swim or exercise in any way.  Janette was looking at the possibility of having surgery.

It’s been exactly 5 months since Janette’s first day of Chiropractic Care in Our Office. From our Chiropractic Analysis, It was clear that Subluxations were interfering with her body’s ability to heal and adapt as she was designed. Since she began receiving Specific, Scientific, Chiropractic Adjustments to Restore Proper Nerve Supply and LIFE into her body,  she has had NO NEED TO USE ANY of her Allergy and Asthma medications. Janette has been consistent with her appointments and recommendations which have led her to a complete path of healing through Chiropractic.

Not only is Janette free from all of her Allergy and Asthma medication, she has not found any reason to complain about her knee or leg pain. THE POWER THAT MADE HER BODY IS HEALING HER BODY once interference was removed.  Janette is back to working, walking and swimming without limitations!!!

Janette said she Thanks God for Chiropractic! She told us that after doing the math, “It cost me MUCH more to refill and purchase medication than it does to get Adjusted.”  Not to mention AVOIDING THE DETRIMENTAL AND SERIOUS COMPLICATIONS associated with long term Prescription Drug use. “This is a lifetime investment! I keep coming back because it works!!!”

How many people do you know that use drugs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to get by? That is NOT how our lives should be, We Were Created to be MUCH better than that!!! Help us help somebody else break free from this hopeless and endless cycle and send them our way TODAY!!! They’ll be extremely grateful you did!!! We Appreciate you!!!!