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The Truth The Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth So Help Us God!!!!!

Posted: August 12, 2013
By: Dr Dean Sottile

At the moment of Conception, The Greatest Intelligent and Creative Force there ever was, or will be, is unleashed inside the womb. It grows at the rate of millions of cells per hour creating a vast network in order to distribute this Same Creative and Intelligent Force, constantly and continuously throughout one's lifetime. 
Over 400 Million Nerve tracks are created to allow for the Expression of Life and it's Incredible Intelligence from Above->Down and Inside->Out. Interestingly enough, less than 10% of these nerve tracks are responsible for FEELING, sensing pain and/or pleasure. Over 90% of these tracks are responsible for FUNCTION, The Expression of this Intelligent and Creative Force through the matter that makes up your body. 
Ridiculously enough, we have a Health Care Delivery System(More accurately a Death and Damage Management System) that Focuses 90% of it's resources and attention on 10% of the Body's Intelligence. It's no surprise We have a population that swallows more drugs than any other nation and statistically possesses the most expensive way to achieve the poorest results in regards to our population's overall ability to FUNCTION.
Chiropractic Care has one simple Objective, to Restore and Unite the Connection of the Creative Intelligence that made you in the first place to The Matter that makes up your body and ALL of it's parts! 90-100% of our Focus should be placed on this Restoration. This will cause the body to begin the process of Functioning Properly which, over time and with repetition carries the risk of you feeling better but by no means is the objective. 
It took 9 months for the Greatest Creative Force to make you and that was working 24/7. If we've spent our entire lives focusing on 10% of our overall capacity, we most likely have experienced less than half of our inborn potential. Pain Management and Therapy centers are typically really expensive ways to cater to 10% of your problems while Billing 100% of Your Insurance Benefits, ending in the person involved still being at half of their inborn potential and the provider being at twice their net worth. 
The fact is, whether you've had surgery before, not had surgery before, had a good experience, had a bad experience, have Insurance, don't have Insurance, eat vegetables, eat garbage, exercise, don't exercise, do yoga, don't do yoga, there is NO Replacement or Alternative for being under Regular Chiropractic Care. While there are MANY Professions that manage, or in most cases, mismanage your ability to sense pain, There is only ONE Profession that can Detect and Assist in the Correction of Interference to The Intelligent and Creative Force that made you in the first place. That would be a Chiropractor. Finding one that understand this may be difficult. The Most Valuable things on earth are hard to find, a Chiropractor that Practices Chiropractic is no exception. I'm always happy to assist you in the process, it's NOT about me, it's about YOU. It's NOT about my benefit, it's about YOURS. 
If your family spends more time on how they function as opposed to how they feel you'll experience 100% of your Inborn Potential. Chiropractic Care should start at birth and end at death. As Always, Your Choice...

The Maker or The Matter???

Posted: June 4, 2013
By: Dr Dean Sottile

Your Body is made of a bunch of Matter. It's been created by The Maker. A dead body has all the same Matter but the Maker's Magic is Missing. When The Divine Spark of LIFE is able to Express itself through Matter it is truly a Miracle what happens. We're pretty much made up of some Vitamins, Minerals and water. Put all those ingredients in a blender and you get nothing but Mush. When The Intelligence that comes from The Maker Organizes and Orchestrates those Minerals and Matter what happens is truly a Miracle. Chiropractors have discovered that The Intelligence that comes from The Maker can be Interfered with due to what we call a Subluxation. Subluxations are essentially some level of disconnect between The Maker and The Matter. The Object of The Chiropractor should always be to Locate and assist in the reconnection of this disconnect thereby Restoring The Intelligence of The Maker to be expressed fully through The Matter. When The Maker and The Matter are connected, Miracles are what comes next. If you were to focus endlessly on what is happening to The Matter would it even matter? Why do Drs spend endless amounts of time looking at The Matter and absolutely no time determining whether or not The Matter is connected to The Maker? How long should we seek to be Connected to The Maker? Once we're connected to The Maker, that Intelligence knows exactly what to do. When should our Connection to The Maker begin? The Only Dr Specifically trained to Restore The Connection between Your Maker and Your Matter is The Chiropractor. When the Connection between Maker and Matter is Restored, Expect a Miracle! If someone is busier focusing on the Minerals and The Matter, you're not there yet, Keep Looking. Live from Miracle to Miracle or live from Mess to Mess??? As always, Your Choice... If you're tired of all the disconnects in your life, Seek The Maker, it's really all that matters...

Connection to The Creator is the one Job of The Chiropractor

Posted: June 4, 2013
By: Dr Dean Sottile

The Expression of Intelligence through Matter can't be simulated or stimulated. LIFE that comes from The Creator when clearly received by the creation causes the creation to function and adapt as The Creator intended. Within the creation is a network that carries LIFE and it's requirements through the neural system from Above-> Down and Inside-> Out.

Chiropractic's incredible discovery was one thing. The distribution of LIFE could be interfered with causing some level of disconnect between the Power of The Creator and the expression of that Power through the creation. When our connection is less than Optimum, so is our ability to express the Full and Complete Potential The Creator has planned for us. When we maintain a constant and continuous Connection at full Power, We live a LIFE of Full Expression and Optimized Potential. 
The Chiropractor is highly trained at locating Subluxations that interfere with the ability of the creation to Express the Power and Character of the Creator. The Specific Chiropractic Adjustment Restores LIFE and Connection between The Creator and the creation. This allows the product to function, adapt and express LIFE as The Creator intended. When applied properly, it begins at birth and continues until LIFE is no longer available to be expressed. 
What does this have to do with Sciatica or herniated discs or bum elbows??? Not much, other than the detrimental EFFECTS of Decades of Disconnection. 
Those that are wise enough to apply these Principles won't be getting tubes jammed into their children's ears today or arbitrarily removing their parts. They will understand that you can't Medicate the creation's connection to The Creator any more than you can guide a child to Church or Temple using Whiskey. Altering the chemistry of the creation will never enhance the Expression of The Creator. 
Unfortunately, having been in a Chiropractor's office doesn't mean you've experienced Chiropractic. Whether or not you like the process has little to do with anything. Having had prior surgeries, conditions and/or injuries has nothing to do with your ability to receive Care. Get connected and clear now or wish you did later, Your Choice. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear...

4 Guys and a Smoky Room

Posted: May 31, 2013
By: Dr Dean Sottile

4 Guys are in a smoky room, 3 of them are coughing, one of them is not. There are a couple different ways to view this scenario. Using a Therapeutic Model, most people would see 3 Guys that need some kind of "Treatment" and 1 that is "Fine". It might appear that 3 Guys are weak and 1 is really strong. Most likely there would be 3 that needed some medication to "help" with their cough and 1 that was 'OK".
A Chiropractor would see 3 Guys that are Adapting Properly to their environment and 1 that is Definitely Not! 3 that are perfectly normal and 1 that is definitely disconnected. Possibly, based on the scenario given, there would be more people that would tend to agree that coughing in this situation would probably be, not only beneficial, but normal as well. 
There is an Inborn Intelligence in all living things with a constant and continuous job. The Job of your God given, Innate Intelligence is to help the organism it belongs to adapt properly to it's environment for the BENEFIT of the organism. It's job is to protect you, NOT to harm you. The same Intelligence that produces this cough in a smoky room also produces the cough when somebody isn't in a smoky room. The same Intelligence that produces a cough when a child has a "Cold" or an "Allergy" or for any other reason. The Innate Intelligence given to us By God and FOR us knows much more than any of us ever could about the current status of the Organism it inhabits. 
Do the 3 Guys coughing in the smoke filled room need a cough suppressant? If you have any sense, the answer is no. Is there a difference in the way that Intelligence produces a cough in a smoky room as opposed to a cough that's produced when we're not in a smoky room? Is that Intelligence any less Intelligent when you have a "Cold"??? Is it smart to introduce a Cough Suppressant in this case??? With any kind of understanding of The Innate Intelligence we're born with we might begin to make incredibly positive changes in our lives and in the lives of our babies and children. 
Not every symptom is a problem and not every perceived "problem" requires "Treatment". There are more times that your body's symptoms are for your own good than not. Suppress the small symptoms and inconveniences for a lifetime and end up with a Big Disease in the long run. This world has taken normal, natural reactions of our Innate Intelligence and given them names creating conditions. The next time you or your kids are coughing, think of 3 Guys and a smoky room. Suppressing the requests of your Inborn Intelligence is never the right thing to do... Chiropractors have one job, Locating and, when necessary, Removing Interference to the full Expression of Your Innate Intelligence. As Always, those who have ears to hear, let them hear...

Treat The Creation or Connect to THE Creator???

Posted: May 20, 2013
By: Dr Dean Sottile

In Chiropractic, Our main concern is always restoration. Our main concern is rarely your main concern. Your main concern tends to be all of the things that happen as a result of being disconnected. 
The only difference between the bodies of the living and those of the dead is the presence of LIFE. All other parts are identical. LIFE comes from THE Creator. All too often we seek to "treat" The Creation or the effects that are manifested in a Creation that's been constantly and continuously disconnected from THE Creator. The Potential of the Intelligence of THE Creator to change the expression of The Creation is unlimited. 
In the human body, THE Creator expresses LIFE as activity that resides in your brain and travels from there throughout your system from Above Down and Inside Out. In order to achieve this, The Lines of Communication must be clear. When Clear, The Potential for Optimal Results in LIFE can be carried forward. 
When distorted or Interfered with, The expression of the Creation becomes distorted and unclear. The longer we remain distorted and unclear, the further we drift from the Course and Potential of THE Creator. 
Chiropractors are highly trained in detecting interference between THE Creator and the creation. The Specific Chiropractic Adjustment Restores The Connection between THE Creator and the creation. With a constant and continuous Connection, we will be constantly and continuously expressing as close to 100% of our Inborn Potential as is possible. The Potential for you to clearly express the LIFE of The Creator is unhindered and fully released. You begin to have a system that communicates without distortion or interference. You begin to function as a Creation should. With some time and repetition you become a rebuilt and fully connected Creation. Everything from your thoughts to your physiological capacity to function moves closer and closer to the Creator's ideal plan for the creation.
All too often we get caught up in the creation and it's millions of expressions. We attempt to analyze and diagnose and give millions of names to expressions that result from distorted and unclear connections between the creation and THE Creative Force of LIFE. Once we've achieved a name, we attempt to manipulate the expression of the creation to better suit our idea of the creation. That is similar to attempting to play the role of Creator. It tends to keep people highly disconnected, continuously unclear and incredibly medicated. Instead of Thriving the creation is merely surviving. This sucks...
The duty of The Chiropractor is to locate and remove interference between THE Creator and the creation RESTORING the Intelligence that comes from THE Creator to the creation. When we are clear and connected, THE Creator is in full command of the creation. We express our Potential to Thrive. We ARE Created to live that way. As we remain more connected and clear, we move further and further away from the path of the unclear, distorted and disconnected creation. Getting back on the path to constant connection takes time. How much time depends a lot on how long and how fast you've been moving away from it. When should we start being clear and connected??? How long should we remain Clear and Connected??? As always, Your Choice... Treat the creation or Connect to THE Creator...

The Pollen or The Person???

Posted: May 3, 2013
By: Dr Dean Sottile

Is it The Pollen or The Person??? It's such a beautiful time of the year. The earth is resurrected from a long dormant winter. Everything comes back to life. Pollen, like a fertilizer from God, reaches out to Bless Nature with all of the requirements needed for a plentiful and abundant season. Why is it that People have somehow become so bothered by this yearly dose of wonder? The whining starts just about everywhere you go. Can't complain about it being too cold... Can't complain about it being too Hot... Let's complain about The Pollen. Were we really put on a planet we're Allergic to? Have we weakened our systems so much that we can no longer tolerate the planet unless we're medicated? Are there any birds with terrible Pollen Allergies? Raccoons??? How about Bees??? Somehow, kids everywhere are allergic not only to the earth they've been put on but everything they eat as well. Adults aren't much better. Here's what most folks do. "Allergic" Responses happen primarily due to an imbalance of Histamine. Histamine plays a key role in many of the body's vital functions. Did you know Histamine is intimately associated with your ability to sleep, sexual function and libido, can contribute to the development of Multiple Sclerosis as well as Mental Disorders and many other functions. When people become bothered by an imbalance of Histamine they typically take an Anti-Histamine. This is a drug that wipes out Histamine in the body. It seems to "Work" except for one problem, Your brain now reads the signals from the body that say, "WE HAVE NO HISTAMINE!" The brain then signals the body to immediately increase Histamine Production. What do you think happens next??? Not only do your symptoms get slightly worse week after week and year after year but you contribute to the development and effects of every other condition related to Histamine imbalance; sleep disorders, sexual function and libido, Multiple Sclerosis, and Mental Disorders. The further we get from Nature, the greater the problems we'll see in it's inhabitants. Every unnatural thing we put into the body brings us further from nature. Every time man attempts to "Enhance" or "Advance" nature, more problems are created. Those problems are typically "treated" using the same level of thinking that created them. That level of thinking brings us even further from The Creator. As this escalates, we find fault with The Creation and continue to attempt to improve on Nature by removing the parts that are working overtime to assist in the Adaptation. Tonsils and Adenoids, which are part of THE IMMUNE SYSTEM will work hard to clear impurities from your body. When they are working hard and doing their job properly, they appear larger than what would be considered "normal". The same level of thinking then assumes that THEY must be the problem and suggests they be removed. Now you will go through the rest of your life with parts of your IMMUNE SYSTEM removed. Do you think this will Improve and/or strengthen Your Immune System??? Once again bringing you further and further from nature. Does anyone have a dog or a cat that needed to have their tonsils taken out??? Mama Mia... I could go on forever but you get the picture. 
The Pollen count is the same for My Family and I as it is for you and yours. Why is it that we don't spend our days going from Dr to Dr and drug to drug? Why is that we have NEVER had a Vaccine or an Antibiotic? Why is it that we are not allergic to the Planet or our food but most others seem to be? Does the fact that we've received Regular Chiropractic Care from birth play a role? Does our mostly Organic, Non GMO food sources have anything to do with it? Do we make decisions that align with Nature or do we constantly fight against it? Our decisions and Actions in Life have EVERYTHING to do with it. Follow the path that consistently leads to LIFE or follow the path that consistently takes you further from it??? Your Choice... It's Not The Pollen... Having your family in our Office regularly can change everything!!!

Living Connected or Living Separated

Posted: May 1, 2013
By: Dr Dean Sottile

Life is all about being connected. We're all like individual cells in the body of God. While many cells have little in common, their contribution to the whole is immeasurable. Each cell has a different function but few are more or less important than the other. While it's not the job of a skin cell to make insulin, without skin cells, insulin production would be an irrelevant matter. The more separation or interference that exists between us, the more chaotic the expression. We see it globally and we see it internally. When we see it on the planet, we call it war. When we see it internally, we call it a condition or a disease. Whatever we call it, it's all separation from Source. The duty of a Chiropractor is to bridge the gap and reduce the amount of separation or interference that exists inside of the individual. As an individual is closer to the Source, The Expression of Source becomes much clearer. We could name every problem that exists in the individual but that changes very little about the individual. We could confuse the cells into doing what we think they should be doing but that's kind of like communism. When people are connected, the end result is the reduction of separation. When we reduce separation, we increase connection. When we are connected, it's extremely easy to notice the Expression of Source in our lives. If you're not feeling so connected, You require some Adjustment. If you stay connected throughout your life, you won't have to wait for the torment of long term Separation to comprehend the need for Continuous Connection. Life Connected or Life Separated...

God Given Intelligence or Man Made Products?

Posted: May 1, 2013
By: Dr Dean Sottile

There is an Intelligence that comes from God that travels through your brain and spinal cord. It controls and coordinates every function of LIFE. It is much smarter than any Doctor, Specialist or Harvard Grad. It takes breast milk and reorganizes it into every cell of the human body at a rate of MILLIONS of cells per day. When you get older, It turns the chicken you eat into beating heart cells and breathing lung cells. The Chiropractor should be Highly Trained and Concerned in ONE thing, Removing Interference to the expression of this Intelligence. When Interference is removed, ANYTHING is possible. It is not a belief system, it is a fact system whether you "believe" it or not. Give any Doctor or Scientist a bottle of breastmilk and ask them to make a single skin cell with it. They can't... The Intelligence in YOU can, at the rate of several million per day. With a Clear Expression of your God given,Inborn Intelligence, you can Adapt properly to your environment. Your Ability to Adapt is essential to the development of your Potential. The problem typically isn't your environment, it's your ability to Adapt to it. The addition of foreign and unnatural substances will never improve your ability to adapt. They will only increase the distortion in your system, decreasing your ability to adapt. All of this really means one thing, You can remove Interference to your Inborn Intelligence or you can Suppress Inborn Intelligence by chemically altering it's expression. Every decision you make will have an effect. The understanding of The Power of this God given Intelligence removes fear. The understanding of this Incredible Intelligence should vastly Increase Faith. If your decisions are based in Fear they will produce unpredictable and undesirable results. When your decisions are based in Faith they will ALWAYS bring you closer to the Creator. You can combine a sound and proven science, that honors and aligns itself with The Creator(CHIROPRACTIC), or subscribe to a practice that motivates through fear the distribution of products that in no way honor The Great Producer, and more often interfere with Natural Order. You don't have to tell me what you choose, it's obvious by looking at your past, current and future results. If you'd like to see different results, change your course. It's really that simple... People that don't "Believe" in Chiropractic are always the most medicated, poorly functioning and confused people. People that claim to "Believe" in Chiropractic yet fail to apply it in their lives have results that aren't much better. People that "Believe" in Chiropractic and apply it's Principles throughout Life, starting at birth, will not be travelling from Dr to Dr and drug store to drug store. 

Those that have ears to hear, let them hear...